JAG Photography | About
Born in Florida, I am true Floridian! Travels throughout the Americas with my missionary family began my adventure for life and allowed me to see and experience more of the world around me. Those experiences nurtured a love in me for Latin America, Florida and the U.S. They brought me to where I am today and also served to influence my photography.
With a family that rocks and a Husband who has been beside me as my rock through thick and thin, I am most blessed! His love of fishing and wildlife has provided plenty of opportunities to capture him in action and document the Florida fishing and wildlife! Of all the jobs I have been fortunate enough to have in my life, photography remains my favorite. To be able to capture that special moment or event, shoot portraits, landscapes, sports, and wildlife holds great enjoyment for me. To produce amazing portraits of real people in spontaneous moments in life continue to be the focus of my work. A self-portrait may never happen because I find so much more joy behind the camera, but it is what it is.. here I am! Having been extremely blessed throughout my life, my expectations climb higher that the older I get, it will only get better!